New Years Resolution


So I have given my self a new years resolution that has sparked a new prioject idea for me. To take a portrait every day of the year...

As 2012 is a leap year there will be 366 days and so 366 portraits. The project will be called originally 366 for now and I will try to upload all the images onto my blog under the category 366.

Here is the first image of me...


New years day. I hadn't been capable of doing much most of the day and so running out of time to start the project I shot myself, still feeling the effects of the night before.

New Mythographies Image

Over the summer I completed a new image in my ongoing series "Mythographies". The image is titled "The Torment of Prometheus" and is based on the story of the Titan Prometheus who was punished by the gods for aiding mankind by steeling fire from Zeus. Among other things Prometheus gave mankind the arts and science as well as astronomy and mathematics. For all the help and kindness prometheus showed to man he was abandoned by them to his fate until Herecles finally saved him. For his punishment Zeus tied Prometheus to a rock in the mountains to endure exposure to the elements and each day his liver would be pecked out by a giant eagle, only to have it grow back during the night.

The image explores notions of abandonment, lonliness and suffering. It is also an exploration of my relationship with alcohol, solitude and urban living. There is more to explain in the image but that will have to wait for a more comprehensive write-up. 

The Ostracism Of Promethius

Mythographies Work in progress

I am currently working on an addition to the project "Mythographies" that has been part of the original idea from the start but has yet to be developed fully.

This part of the project will include a collection of documentary style images taken during the shooting of the main images, giving a more graphic and pseudo realistic dipiction of the sentral narrative. The aim will be to combine these images into a sort of slideshow/ static film with a sound track. For now here is a taster of some of the images from the recent shoot I did for the image "The Torment of Prometheus". See the rest of the series here.